one (Argonaut 509 final output). are
my specialty.

I have quite a few spares for low
power radios such as the older
Argonauts. I can match the FINAL
TRANSISTORS with my HFE test jig.

FT301, FT221 plug in boards I can
repair as well. I have quite a few
spare parts and boards for the FT301.
The FT221 (2 meter multimode) I do
not have a spare parts radio to draw
parts from but certain repairs of plug
in circuit boards will be possible and
at my $10 per hour bench rate ..very

A few times now..people have sent
suspect problem circuit boards
for the FT301. Most of the is
only one circuit board where the
problem lies. (I plug the boards into
my working FT301 and narrow down
the problem board quickly.
The  total repair cost was about $30-
$35  and about $15 round trip postage
for the boards. One instance was a
bad solder joint right at the ssb
crystal filter and the other problem I
found for another fellow  was a bad
zener diode in the RF amplifer (rcvr)
circuit that was generating a great
deal of noise on receive.

Circuit boards can be sent fairly
easily and economically through the
mail (even internationally)..whereas
large radios such as the FT301 itself
are quite costy to send and the
insurance costs to boot add up.

A complete Atlas 210x or Argonaut
could be mailed back and forth for
(about $65 to $75 or so round trip)
and I could perhaps work on these
entire radios. I did repairs for a fellow
in USA to his Argonaut 505 and labour
charges added up to $90 and parts
were about $10 for a two or three
small transistors.

Email me at this link for FREE no
hassle quotes and or free
repair/restoration tips ect.
Email I can answer at my

Link to my
My list of references is slowly
growing. I work on mostly repairing my
own stuff but I do help out now and
again with mail order repairs, free
advice and helpful hints.
I can work on certain types of
entertainment equipment such
as AUDIO AND PA amplifiers,
audio preams and older stereo

I dont work on turn tables, or
vcrs or tvs or CD roms or
computers. I am not up on that
type of technology nor do I
have the test equipment
needed or the experience.

MY $10 hobby rate/retirement
rate is about the lowest around!
Just send me an email and we
can discuss what you want
repaired or checked out.
I give out alot of free advice and
tips as well.
I don't stock high power
transistors. RF Parts in
California is where I have to
go to buy parts like matched
final PA transistors like these
MRF 454s.

and older solid state plenty of
transistors and ICs for the
radios of the 1970s and early
80s.. Ten Tec, Heathkit, Atlas
and Swan and older Yaesu
and Kenwoods among others.

My shipping costs for small
parts ...small orders..only
$1.50 any where in Canada
and $3.00 stateside and a bit
more world wide.

for a repair or project..I can
certainly try to help you.

73 Earl VE3AB
Elliot Lake, On. (north of
Michigan state) Canada..
VE3AB Earl Andrews of or
NOTE: see my new
COMMERCIAL WEB SITE - (small business web site) .. introducing...

CIRCUIT CARD REPAIRS..... THE MAIN THING I mail order -- $10/hour shop rate.
but I can also work on other items that can be mailed back and forth economically.

I don't work on radio transceivers any more (except my own) ! - I do repairs on circuit
boards and smaller items for people. $10 per hr bench rate and I can repair a circuit card
for (usually about $20 in labour cost).
MY PARTS ARE SIMILARLY very reasonable price!
I have voltage charts and information charts that Ive made up when working on my own radios.
Below: The Argonaut Control board of a 505 model. NOTE: the reed relay..not sure if I could find that part if I had to
replace one. Perhaps Id have to order from Ten Tec. MANY OTHER PARTS I keep in stock here at my shop.
Once I find the problem board or boards..I can go over it with a fine tooth
comb. Visual inspection first then using an extender card I can test for bad
solder joints by probing with a pointed metal instrument. And if still no
go..then do an electrical analysis with DC measurements and spectrum
anlayzer, frequency counter ect.

LEFT PICTURED.. the PLL board from an FT221 in my homebrew extender
board. -- The extender board works fine..even on my 2 meter multimode!
Trouble shooting..thats my thing..$10 per hour .. I FIX circuit cards and small electronics items.. not
entire radios. reason: it is too time consumming and I am busy now with the new little small business
I have shop manuals for FT221 and FT301.

For the Argonauts..I have made many notes on servicing and
the circuitry of the Argonauts is a sort of minimalist kind of
circuit (505, 509, 515) and not all that hard to work on.

Other stuff I work the Ten Tec Transverters for 6
and 2. I have most of the parts to repair these.
The older Ten Tec Argonauts (505,509, 515) all have plug in circuit boards and you can send me boards you suspect have problems ..or even ..boards
you want me to "re-cap" with new capacitors. I have ordered in new capacitors in quantity now (March 2013) for older radios like these.
Actually..these Argonauts can be sent in the mail for more complete repair..and the cost is not all that expensive. Ten Tec charges $60 per hour..I
charge $10 per hour. -- Sometimes..Ten Tec will is not worth fixing..because..maybe it will take them numerous hours to fix.
If you email me...
LINK TO MY EMAIL here.. we can discuss the repairs needed/parts needed..ect..and I can give you an estimate.

CERTAIN SPECIALIZED PARTS..such as band switch wafers..I ...or you..would have to get from Ten Tec. I have dont have all that many of the physical
parts such as knobs, crystals, band switch wafers, end panels, ect..but I have many of the electrical parts..including good substitutes for the older
transistors like the transmitter drivers and the finals.
Final Output Transistors... for QRP radios..I have plenty of QRP TYPE final PA
transistors. For FT301..Atlas I dont have any spare 40 TO 100 watt
final transistors. They are too expensive for me to buy and stock. They are hard to
find used as many hams hold onto them!!!!
Heathkit this HR1680 receiver shown fairly easy to work on
..especially if one has the manual. Heathkits also have fairly straightforward alignment
procedures and I can align these radios without any sophisticated test gear. Best to email me
with individual case projects and I can let you know ..approximately how much a repair would
cost. I have quite a few parts for older solid state radios from the 1970s and early 80s.

Link to my
Junker rigs for parts. I buy junker radios
and I sell parts from them and use them in
my repairs. Currently..I have 3 junker
FT301s. -- Id like to BUY SOME MORE
discuss terms..maybe a trade???
Above an ARGO 556 that I parted out. It had an unstable PTO
and just needed to many modules to make it worth using.

I parted out the S meter and another board or two from it
and all the plug in band modules I had. I still have some
more parts to spare from this unit.
Thanks for stopping by this page..73 Earl VE3AB..

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(these are mirror sites). The FREE ON LINE MAGAZINE WILL CONTINUE.

MOVED OVER TO MY NEW small business commercial venture listed below:
Above 3 junker FT301s. Plenty of parts still left on these. I dont have any more
knobs, bottom feet, crystals or Final Transistors or front panels..but lots of other
parts still available. MY SUPPLY OF SSB, CW or AM filters is also gone now.
I work on older
technology with
these larger layouts
like this Heathkit.
CIRCUIT DEAD? If yes.. a DC analysis is in order to make sure these critical
voltages are going to the board/circuit. --->> OFTEN radios..---> there is
1)12 or 13 volt DC voltage that is on all the time (often designated as VCC)

2) a 12 or 13 volt DC voltage that is on to power circuits during transmit cycle
(often designated as the T line) on a schematic T13V or something like that.

3) a 12 or 13 volt DC voltage that is on to power circuit during the receive cycle
(often designated as the R line(on schematic diagrams). R13V or R13 line
something like that.

People often write me asking for tips and I often give them this information.

When the DC voltages seem to be ok then start tracing signals to find out
where they STOP (and the problem often lies there).
Over the past little while..people have been writing me for advice
on repairs and here are some common faults that have been
discovered -

FT301.. clarifier way off ..the nearby relay on the circuit board
was the fault. Oxidized contacts. Cleaning it solved the clarifier
being way off in frequency.

FT221 -- PLL circuit not working. One of the trimmer pots on the
pll circuit board was cleaned up with good quality contact cleaner
and away it went working again.

A person was working on a Korting SWL radio (tubes) and he had
a bad hum problem. -- When he went over his work (he replaced
some capacitors) he discovered a ground not connected up.

FT301-- problem on transmit ssb:  Good news!  It appears that I
was able to correct the SSB problem by reseating the cards
FT301-- bad drifty vfo instabiltity....(problem was loose
connector/connection at the vfo plug. (internal vfo ft301)
>>Anyways, I have been having more and more trouble with VFO
>With the piece of stretchy  electrical tape on the connector pulling
>a little torque on it, I am rock-stable in frequency.  That was my
>problem all along.

FT301-- booster woes...
I have a 301AD that worked fine until I bought the 100w amp for
and tried to install. there was one wire to clip according to the
schematic. After some tinkering and a few weeks distraction, I
came back to a radio that didn't transmit anymore either with or
without the amp installed.-->> I have a patch cord set up and can
test booster units here. Replacement transistors are available
from RF parts in California..however..they cost a few dollars!!!
The bias byister BY1-1 may also be an expensive replacment.
I do mail order repairs for older solid state radios and equipment. My basic rule
of thumb is:

loop) or Microprocessor control or memory.

Things like: FT301 (pictured above); older Heathkit solid state gear and
accessories; Atlas 210x, Ten Tec Argonaut 505, 509, 515. Ten Tec Argosy.
--->> I have most of the spare parts necessary to do component level repairs to
equipment like this. ---->> IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN REPAIRING
earl@nettyelectronics and we can

I do alot of FREE BEE advice sessions and quite a few times..the fellows I talk to
come up with the per the faults I talked about (right hand side of this
page). Other times..they send me the plug in circuit boards and I can repair them
here by mail. -- AT $10 per hour..I go pretty easy on that..and often I can do the
repair to a board for $20 labour charge plus any component necessary (and  I
dont charge very much for the components either.)
Circuit Dead?? Check the DC voltages as
per below.
A good thing to do is clean contacts ..including relay
contacts and contacts with open frame trimmer resistors.
Ground connections and check for bad solder joints.
I make voltage charts up for the older argonauts. I have also taken notes from Ten
Tec when they tell me of good substitute parts and where to get them.
The common thread..connections. I suggest ..when a real good sketch of the wiring and grounds ect
so that you don't leave 'floating grounds' or other problems.
I buy or take donations of older solid state junker radios that you've given up on fixing.
FT301s are still very popular and people are always looking for FILTERS ie AM filters and
knobs and crystals.. email me at this link and we can discus

Link to my
Small the transverter pictured
below can be sent by mail for me to work on.
Ten Tec, Heathkits, qrp equipment and stuff
like this -- at $10/hr bench might pay
to have me fix it.
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SITE I just started here early December 2014.  
73 Earl VE3AB