Many thanks again Earl. You are
far more helpful than the
technical specialist at NTE!

I will let you know how it turns
out. It will take a while because I
will get some help from a
fellow amateur in Ottawa who is a
retired electrical engineer.
I am not skilled at desoldering on
a crowded circuit board.

Al the best in 2010 Earl.

I take extra time to look
things up and perhaps some of
the busier commercial fellows
COMPONENTS as well..all at my
ULTRA LOW bench rate of $10 per
Dear Sir,
I am a new commer to the collection of vintage radios and computers. I was just surfing the
net trying to
find information on how to begin the restoration process. I have 2 Westinghouse H435T5 and
H436T5 that I
want to restore. I believe these radios date back to the 50's. I found your web site and must
say this is
the most interesting and detailed site on restoring radios that I have ever found. What a
great job
you have done and are doing.

Thank you for all the hard work in sharing this information!!! Have a great day!!!
Dan from Ohio

ve3ab @ works for me
I can send you my phone nr in email
if you want to talk on phone

I enjoyed visiting your web pages, thank you for sharing the information.

I too am an inveterate repairer and restorer of electronic instruments and communications gear.  I've
recently started restoring "newer" ham gear (FT-301D, FT-221R) compared to thing like dx-50's and
Globe Scouts.

I'd enjoy hearing some of your trouble-shooting experiences with this family of radio gear.  Thanks
again for a very nice web presence.

de N5(identity protected)..
I am careful not to publish callsigns and names
Hallo Earl, how are you?
I really liked the restyling of your site.
(a ham in Italy)

---->>> stay tuned-- lots more work will be done ..earl ve3ab....
Hello Earl - Thanks for your kind remarks re: my FT-301S  --  
Here's the latest ==> I've got it working !!  The problem was that
the power connector wasn't wired according to the
schematic...the finals are OK ...  I would like to turn it into a
dedicated crystal-controlled WSPR beacon radio using the
FIXed crystal positions.  
For Small "wee orders" of a few parts to tide you over ..or you with a project..
I am your guy.

Dans Small Parts..USA or W8DIZ..qrp kits and parts..Hendricks..or look up QRPARCI links for parts

I am QRPARCI nr 3757 since 1974
bought my 1st Argonaut in late 74.
> Ok Kari. Tnx for looking up my web site. As a matter of fact I do have
> a used FL34 (10.75 MHZ) AM filter.
> It should be working fine. I cannot really test it. It was from a
> board on an old IC720 that is my parts radio. I can send it by light
> packet international air for $5.50 plus the cost of the filter
> itself..I would charge $20 for total US dollar of $25.50
Hi Earl

Ok,  thanks for the good news... One major problem less as FL-34 is
found, I use to listen to news from HF
broadcasters when found in frequency, I usually use 7MHz  for most ham

I am going to use Paypal and will add one $ more for the FB-43-101
ferrite beads, guess I get
12 and half for 8 cents each :)
So after this email going to send the payment for the FL-34 to this
email reply-address.
I believe it comes here without insurance, I have had some small orders
in Ebay and any of those isn't lost.

Regards Kari B(identity protected..he is in Europe))
References and email comments with the
Identities blanked out for privacy..I keep
Identities and callsigns private.
Page 1 of 2 (my work/parts supply
I have been selling items like in the pictures below ((these are FT301 parts))
power connectors, knobs, feet..that sort of thing. Im getting low in these items
now!! Same with FT301 crystals..they go bad or CB operators swap them out for
11 meter crystals. -- I had been selling them for $5 to $8 used pulls..see the
emails on this page concerning what they go for now!!! - I will be raising my
prices (July 9 2012 because I am running out of stock!!!
The cost of crystals now!! read email I got from a
fellow FT301 owner. I had been selling them for $5
to $8 each tested pulls. I recently bought some for
$10 each used an tested from another ham here in
Canada   **They can be ordered from JAN but it
costs   $$$-- something like $40 each!!!

Jan charged me $80 (including shipping) for the two crystals. (I'm
guestimating $35 each plus $10 for S&H. The Paypal invoice just showed a
lump sum.) It's taken them about 3 weeks --if they stick to the current
delivery schedule --to deliver them.

I hope I don't need to buy your VFO but it's nice to know I have the
option available. Thanks!

I am ALWAYS looking to buy parts like crystals for
the older radios. 9 mhz varieties or 8.997 (close to 9
mhz); and old boards with crystals for FT301, FT-7
and some tempo ones ect.

I have been selling crystals to hams for about $8
each..but I am almost out of stock now!


Actually you have been very helpful.  For some reason, I had a lot of difficulty in
finding a suitable substitute for the DL500.  The NTE 3079 was on my list, but I
wasn't sure.  Your info confirmed that it should be a good sub.  I have been
accumulating a Mouser order....bits and will add a couple of them to the

Again, many thanks for your help and I have bookmarked your site for future use.

I am needing two DL500 seven segment displays for an old freq counter by DSI.  Do you have??

Thanks George.
NOTE: I had only 1 DL500 seven segment display so I recommended a substitute for per
Hi Earl

Thanks for the parts. The power supply is up and running
again. The regulation has always been good. 13.83V no load
and 13.7v full load with a 100 watts radio. It gives me 10-15
watts more than another power supply by keeping up the

Thank you for the service to Amateur Radio operators.

Kind Regards
COLIN VK5 (identity protected)
need a delco ds-515 do you have ,if so
how much thanks danny,

Ok Danny. I can send you two of these
as per your request..ONE ds515 and
the other an equivilent to NTE 121.
So the total will be $16.50 and you can
pay me via PAYPAL. to this email
address and I can get the parts in the
mail to you tommorrow. tnx for the

I helped Danny with the only DS-515
transistor I had and I had an
equivilant to send him.
These small
orders are typical of what I do with
my little service/hobby business.

I enjoyed looking at ur ft-301 info web site. I have one that was my first rig and I love that radio. I am no longer getting 100 watts from it though, so it
has me worried.

I read on the site about trouble shooting by testing the low power operation. I plan on doing this method when I get back to my house.

My question is this:
If for some reason the finals in the booster unit are blown, can the be easily replaced? I hope this is not the case but would like to know if they are

Thanks in advance,
W4TXX (identtity protected)
Earls reply.................................I gave him some advice and some advice on replacement finals..but unfortunately..I dont have any
spare final transistors for the FT301. I have plenty of the other parts and spare parts for the FP-301 matching power supply..but
cannot help with the finals (they are expensive to buy!) RF PARTS IN CALIFORNIA I recommend for higher power transistors.
ICOM IC 71 trouble shooting problem..DO I WORK ON THESE RADIOS???

My radio would not turn on. I use it every day until a week ago. I have
power, fuse is ok. Suspect problem in power supply. Internet discusses
this as common problem with this radio. Do you fix this sort of problem?
Thanks.  Ed

> OK. Thanks Earl

Hello Ed. Im not sure where you are located. Generally..I dont work on
> radios that have
> more sophisticated circuitry and use microcomputers and memory backup
. The
> R71 seems
> to have some sort of issues with the memory backup and perhaps the battery
> for your memory
> might have lost its memory. I dont know for sure because I dont know the
> radio all that well and
> I just had a brief look around at some notes on the internet. (Im just
> guessing here).
> I have pretty well decided to stick to radios such as the older ten tecs
> like the  argonauts and certain
> older solid state radios (without PLLs and computer/digital circuitry)
> such as FT301s. and maybe the FT7
> that sort of radio. I did repair an ICOM 450 mhz ssb/cw/fm transceiver
> that had a PLL issue. It merely
> required some adjustment. I was lucky on that one. It was one I bought for
> $50 and I sold for about $200.
> I do work on some sophisticated stuff but just stuff I buy from other
> people and I cant always fix it because
> the  items like the R71 might not have all the parts available. IF you are
> in CANADA ..I can recommend a
> fellow I know in southern ontario. He is Ve3pos or va3pos..not sure ..john
> posthumus and you can find his
> email/phone nr on a site called the "ontario swap shop". I buy stuff like
> the broken R71 if you ever decide to
> give up on it and want to sell it. -- another problem is shipping larger
> items..especially across borders.
> It can be very expensive. I prefer ..people send me smaller sub assemblies
> and circuit boards and I repair those.
> tnx for looking me up and I welcome any furthur questions you might have.
> Earl
I DO REPAIRS on bench for $10 per hour rate: but I dont do complex equipment
with microprocessor control, memory chips, phase locked loop ect.

I AM in Northern Ontario AND have no parts stores around here and really I am
best employed to do 'STRAIGHT FIXES" IE it broke down now needs to be fixed.
Alignments can get hairy and I generally avoid them. ..I do fixes and repairs and
mail something that can be sent in the mail economically. An Atlas 210x
or Ten Tec Argonaut or a converter or transverter.
Email me and I can discuss furthur. My bench price is about the lowest around.

I WORK on mostly older solid state stuff from the late 60s to mid 80s. Heathkits
are good to work on as they have good assembly manuals and older easy to get
parts ect.
MY REPAIR SERVICE is only $10 per hour rate..but I do only fixes to gear that is easy to mail back and
forth and has no complex (more modern) circuitry. see info discussed an example.

*** I can coach you with repairs...for $10 per hour rate. I can look over schematic and follow and trouble
shoot from my end and give you repair tips and tell you how to rig up simple test probes and jigs ect.
----->>> If you want to talk over phone..I can give you my phone nr.
You entered RFQ 2032101 for components at the USBid website (
Qty Mfg Part Number Mfg Date Code Delivery Price (USD) Subtotal
10 MFC6040  MOT  N/A  5-8 bus. days to you   $ 40.0000 $400.00  
Condition: Unused

*** ISO9001:2008 certified ****   
Handling Charge   $8.50
Quote Total $ 408.50

Click here to accept or respond to this quotation. It's faster than sending a reply email or

All parts are subject to prior sale. To place these on order please send a copy of your
purchase order to the fax number below or pay by credit card. All quotations are subject
to re-confirmation at the time of order placement. Ex Works Melbourne, FL USA unless
otherwise indicated.

For US customers, payment may be made by credit card (AMEX, Visa, Mastercard,
Discover), TT/advance or COD. For international customers, payment may be made by
credit card or TT/advance. Other payment and credit terms upon application and approval.

All orders will be subject to a handling charge of $8.50 plus an additional $9.00 charge for
COD orders.

Thank you for submitting your RFQs to identity protected.
BELOW IS A BID i WENT OUT FOR to buy some MFC6040 parts. These are old obsolete

Motorola Attenuators. I sold my last two to a fellow who was experimenting with guitar
peddle effects. He only wanted/needed two. -- I sold them for $8.50 each. I went
searching for more MFC6040s but the quote back was a higher price than I could afford!
CLICK HERE FOR MY HOME and my mirror site: (established 2005). Earl Andrews VE3AB 73 and thanks for stopping by.
My references (since 2005) for &
mirror site: www.ham

These web sites are my hobby. I finance everything out of
my own pocket and with sales of small signal components,
ICs, surplus parts and the odd repair (mail order) at my low
$10 per hour. Basic repairs, fixes not major alignments or
NOTE: help and guidance offered FREE of charge. All done
by email/texting and over
the web.
I have added a second page of references...CLICK
ABOVE: An ICOM R71. I don't even try repairing more complex radios like
this ICOM from the 1980s (( for other people))  ..see reasons below:

1) Icom does not support their older radios that are much more than 7 to 10
years old. Sometimes the parts used are not generic and a person would
have to have a parts rig to draw parts from. I dont have a junker R71.

2) These newer radios use more complex circuitry than I am greatly familiar
with. Phase lock loops and synthesizers and Microprocessor control
require more complex spare parts. I have no EPROM programming gear or
many blank (unprogrammed microcircuits).

It is expensive to ship back and forth these larger rigs. If Im not sure I
so...I STICK to the
repairs I know I can do come hell or high older Ten
Tecs..especially Argonaut 505, 509, 515; Atlas 210x, FT301s and qrp rigs and
ham radio stuff like converters and transverters ect.

MY LOW $10 an hour shop rate (hobby rate) makes it worthwhile to repair
(by mail) some of these pieces of gear.

with items like the R71..that is what I would do..I would
offer to buy it and try fixing it myself and if no go..part it out for other hams
and swls ect that need parts.
Re: your qrp spares website
TO: 1 More1 recipientCC: recipientsYou MoreBCC: recipientsYou
Hide Details FROM:Earl Andrews TO:Paul    Message flagged Monday, July 2, 2012
11:34:39 AM Hello
Paul. Yes..I took early retirement in 2005 from a government job so I just do these things
to keep
myself busy. Our winters are 6 months long and normally I would not look forward to
them ..but now with
this hobby business and my amateur radio activities; I now look forward to winters!!
If you could send me a couple of circuit diagrams I could look over the circuits and see
what I have in
the way of parts.
Or you could send me some part numbers and I can look them up in my files. I dont have
all the parts
listed in my big superlist (yet). -- I have some old/odd parts and that is sometimes where
the big
money is.
Anyways..glad you enjoy the web site and I will continue adding more as time goes on!
0073 Earl VE3AB

From: Paul (identity kept private)
Sent: Monday, July 2, 2012 10:52:15 AM
Subject: your qrp spares website


I just love your website. Very very few US & UK dealers charge us a proper shipping
charge, here in
Europe !! I always like to deal with small dealers, with a personal touch .

At present I am crazy for Tayloe QSD type front ends and phasing rigs.  If you have
anything useful for
me, let me know.


Below : a nice email I received just today (July 2-2012)--
thanks Paul..I will add this to my list of references!
I still do not have the FT-301 doing CW, and I really want to get
that going.  When last we talked, you said that you were 90% sure
that you could sell me a crystal (the CW crystal on the IF board),
but if you sent anything else, I lost the email.

I prefer paypal if that is not a problem for you.  If you have the
crystal, let me know and I will paypal right away.  Beats paying for
the snailmail stamp.  10.40 is the total, if I added it up right, and
if you have not raised your prices yet.
Earls note: I sold the crystal to
Mark for $8 but this is about the end of the line FOR INEXPENSIVE CRYSTALS.
I am running very low and I need some spares for myself! -- I AM LOOKING TO BUY
crystals if I can get them reasonable price.

Mark (w8 callsign).
since 2005 of sending out parts (small orders) I
have only had to issue 1 refund for parts that did
not work ---------------------------------------------->>>>>>
RARE or OBOLETE PARTS like the Motorola MFC6040
IC. (pictured below------>> ) I buy obsolete parts as well.
Sometimes have them and my prices will be much
lower than the aftermarket sellers. That is because I am
a solo operator operating out of his basement! See the
quotes below for this rather hard to find part:  (an
Electronic Attenuator IC with a rather unique style of
pin out).
NOTICE THE HANDLING CHARGE OF $8.50. I do not charge and handling fees.
Northern Ontario..and a bit remote from any large city-- I have to offer my services by
mail order (mostly) and I have to keep my prices low to get any business at all!!!

NOTE: I do travel to Ottawa via Sudbury, North Bay and Pembrooke the odd time to visit
family and can meet along the way at Tim Hortons for a coffee.

I used to work gathering obsolete parts (ICs) for the Canadian Department of Defence. It
can be quite a good paying business buying and selling hard to get and discontinued
semiconductors and other small parts. I only do a bit of that now..sort of as a hobby and
to keep my hand in it a bit anyways...Earl
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 9:22:24 AM
Subject: Re: FT-301 Part Needed

Hi Earl:

I came across your page while conducting a search for a part that I need for an FT-301 that I am working on.

The part I need has a component designation of L1 with a Yaesu Part Number of 220017.

It is a 35uH Pi-Wound choke.  The choke is wound on a 1 Watt Resistor that is used as the coil form.

It is covered with clear heat shrink, has a small signal diode across it and is located on the bottom rear of the unit just in front of the power connector.

It is attached to the power feed-through block and is part of the filter network for the 13.5V TX supply line.

Hopefully, you have some of them.

Please advise on price and availability.


DE WA4??, Steve (identity kept private on my web pages- I PROTECT PEOPLES PRIVACY)
My response with prices and information-------------------->>>>

Hello Steve. Yes I have 3 chokes remaining..(I have sold a couple in the past). Im selling them for $4 each. Postage to USA would be

$2.80 (all funds USA). If you wish to use PAYPAL..I would ask for 65 cents on top of these amounts to cover my pay pal fee.

My Pay Pal email address is (ve3ab(@) all the brackets. If you wish to send me cash, cheque, or international

money order my mailing address is: Earl Andrews 14 Ferguson Rd Elliot Lake, Ontario. P5A-1C5.

Thanks for looking me up. I have quite a few of the FT301 parts except the Final OUTPUT transistors (I would like to buy some of them

myself) and I am getting pretty well sold out of crystals (but I do have a few left). -- 73 Earl VE3AB
new Crystals $80 a pair!!!
Parts like power connectors, rubber feet, crystals, carry
handles, top lids, front panels. I have helped hams out
with these kinds of parts. I have 5 FT301s. 3 are
junkers/parts donors and 2 are good working models.
sorting parts!!!! Well I enjoy it as a hobby and I finance the hobby by selling parts!!! I do my own repairs and projects and experiments too!
I buy vintage parts and older solid state parts from the late 60s through to about mid 1980. (The OLDER SOLID STATE PARTS).
MORE MODERN/COMPLEX equipment such as this
IC-R71A is (hit and miss) with me. I dont have many
of the parts and I am not really 'up'on modern
circuitry with PLLs and Microprocessors and alot of
complexity. Sometimes I have luck with something
modern and sometimes it is beyond me! -- So ..I
stick with the older stuff like the ARGONAUT 505,
509, 515, the FT301, perhaps FT7 (stuff with older
circuitry), some of the solid state Heathkit, Atlas
210x ect. -- You can always write me and ask
questions and get estimates and ideas on repairs..
unlike some shops..I have no set up fees and no
fees for evaluations and estimates.
my email link here:
Note: I now live in Elliot Lake, On. not Clayton,ON.
UPDATE concerning Crystals...Sept 18th...I was told that BOMAR crystals will make crystals for the FT301 (and other
radios). They need the "specification"of the crystal they are to fundamental or overtone and perhaps some other
details. Their prices are good..something like $15 a crystal but they have a $50 minimum order amount.
*** I have not ordered from them (yet) but am very interested. IF YOU NEED SOMEONE TO ORDER WITH YOU IN
ORDER TO make the $50 minimum order amount...I WOULD BE INTERESTED IN TRYING THEM OUT. email me and we can set something up. 73 Earl VE3AB
Hello Earl,

Thanks for posting your web pages about the Ten Tec gear. I have enjoyed many
hours reading your exploits with the Argonauts!

I recently purchased a very nice ‘509 to try to reconstruct my QRP station from the
1970’s. A 509, 405 and 225 power supply (I’m still looking for the power supply).

The Power On/Off switch is bad in the 509. The pot is OK. You don’t happen to
have a pot/switch for a Argonaut 509 you can sell, do you?

I have looked at the suppliers and since the pot is 25K it’s a bit hard to fine. Or
maybe you have a source for the pot/switch?

Thanks in advance for any information.

keep up the great work!


Thank You to everyone who has
and is corresponding with me!

I really enjoy writing these pages
and working on the web ..and as
well..working with you.
73 Earl VE3AB
I also sell.. Vintage Semiconductors and New
Semiconductors - right now I have metal can dg
mosfets at $3.00 special price -- MY BIG SUPER LIST of
parts CLICK HERE FOR PAGE... Text only version hr clik
I buy broken down
rig/assemblies for parts or
even fix up..
email me here
Hi Earl

I received the parts yesterday, thanks for the excellent service.

Kind regards

Greg (a ZS2 ham in South Africa)  (regarding these parts: I want to build the Epiphtye-2 QRP transceiver in the RSGB 8th
Edition need these parts CA3020 (qty 2);MVAM108 (qty 5) and IRF510 (qty 5)
Shipping to South Africa was $5.50 .. I can
ship small parts orders for relatively small
amounts to other continents and AM more
than happy to do so.
Hi Earl,

I finished recapping the entire radio and now it works great. What a
fabulous performer and the S-meter is now working right as the AGC is
now OK. Many Atlas radios get a bad rap on their AGC and gain but I will
bet a dollar that most of the problems are due to bad capacitors.
Obviously the CA3086's in my radio are OK.

I need one more thing. Do you have a nice main tuning knob? Mine is
dented and kind of beat up. (
I am almost sold out of knobs for Atlas..earl)

Hi Earl,

On last monday I received the parts (great velocity!), but I waited with my mail until I had put the parts on my 210X, see attached picture. (pic above)
I polisghed the front a bit and it looks very fine as you can see. The scratch from the dial skirt in invisible once the knob is mounted.
By the way, the dial scale is an improved version of the one I had. Mine had no metal insert so the plastic was completely cracked.
So a happy customer Earl! Thanks a lot for the help  73 Dick PA2 --   (I keep peoples callsign and name private) Jan 2014.
I sell parts and do a bit of service at $10 per hour
(older rigs and accessories)
Thank you Earl.  I can definitely read the article and I think I can make out the pictures. I am going to try and resize it also.
I appreciate you send this to me, for the assistance and for all the great info on your website.
Again, thank you very much!

Gary WD9---
(I sent Gary some information on the Argonaut 515 and adapting a digital display for use with it). -- I often give out advice and helps to hams and prospective
hams) - IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HAM RADIO as a hobby (it is not necessarily technical) Feel free to contact me.