RCA OLDER Integrated circuits. (most are NEW OLD STOCK). CA3020, CA3028A, CA3053 (I HAVE NOW
NEW STOCK OF CA3053 and can spare a few here and there), others all metal can multilead
packs...stored in a foil lined drawer with ESD precautions observed.
sensitive parts. -- try it..if it doesnt work..I will refund you. HAMs ONLY/hobbyists too! JUST TRY THE
PARTS IN YOUR CIRCUIT and if they dont work..I will refund you. Mostly I use PAYPAL.
I have all sorts of terminals and solder posts. If you need
projects. 20 terminals for a buck plus the cost of postage..in
CANADA only $1.44 padded envelope. A bit more elsewhere.  
You can request some with your small order of parts.
people bring these items to ham radio flea markets..I buy
them up because not only can I use them but I can sell them
to homebrewers and tinkerers who use them.
Feed through Capacitors some solder in some threaded mounting. I have
about 100 in stock. I think they are all .001uf value. I can sell some very
reasonable price. This type of item can be shipped letter mail..inexpensively.
Some of my items..like these 14
are grouped generically and I
have the part numbers in my
LM324s, LM348s, AD713 (Not
too many of these around I
have 12 in stock).

8 pin OP AMPS...these are
similar situation ..in that I have
made a broad generic
classification and created a
parts bin which includes
various different part
numbered 8 lead dual in line
parts of this nature.
NE555 and NE556 chips
TIMERS.. I am way over stocked on
these and will almost give them

I have plenty of these and I know I
won't use them all myself.
$1.44 in an envelope.
My Electronics Parts/Components. A general series of pictures starting with the most popular types of
parts.   (this page updated Jan 4 2016) NOTE: I now have a small home based business and new web
site http://www.nettyelectronics.com. This page is historical info but has some good pictures of parts on
my P.I.N. diodes. I don't keep a great deal of stock.

I see if it sells first. If there seems to be a
demand..I will go out and do a bulk buy from HONK

I did that with NE602s. They sold well at my ham
radio flea market table and Ive sold some by mail
order..so I went out and bought a LOT of 50. They
are widely available on ebay and these are the
older versions of the NE612 s. Supposedly the
NE602s have better specs!

I sell my NE602s and the smaller surface mount
variety for 10 cents cheaper than
W8DIZ in usa. -- $1.90 each and I can send them in
a padded envelope for $1.51 Canada and $2.80
usa and about twice that overseas.

The 602 and 612 are the same electrically ..though
it has been said the 602s are a bit better..so I
stock the 602s.

I have new old surplus and some used.

all can be tested. -- at least..I can test
the activation of the relay with a
voltage and do a visual check on the
I have about 10 real nice relays that
are good for the ATLAS 210x. and I
have plenty of 24 vdc relays and other
NE602An picture to go
here soon. MY PRICE IS
$1.90 vs. W8DIZ who sells
them for $2.00 each. I try
to keep my prices low.
My shipping prices ARE
That is one area
where I take the time..to
pack the items for lowest
postage rates! Typically..
within CANADA $1.80 per
small order. to USA $2.80
and to overseas..roughly
$5.50 average.
Final Output transistors

I dont have any available
for 100 watt rigs. They
are too expensive to
stock and they usually
are held onto by hams
and hard to buy second
I do have quite a few
QRP final transistors
and I can match them up
for you for FREE when
you buy a pair from me.
I have built a test jig.
Pictured on this page.
THE BIPOLAR JUNCTION TRANSISTOR TESTER (thanks to the qrp homebuilder (qrp pops) building page for this idea.

I got this circuit from the QRP Builder (qrp pops) web site. I think the fellow was matching transistors for AUDIO WORK
WITH IT. Perhaps to form a matched set of transistors for a complementary PAIR.
It works well. It measures collector voltage in the circuit and I always use 12.5 volts as the supply voltage and I tag the
transistors I match up. These are MRF476 (high gain 17db gain) transistors. The two 5.65 and 5.56 are close enough. I
now get almost 9 watts output with my Ten Tec Argonaut 515 using these two matched transistors.
Radio Frequency (RF) Relays/High Frequency (HF) Relays 12V DC-1GHz .15W NEW OLD SURPLUS I bought.
$6.00 -- 1/5th  cost of MOUSER! -- ACTUALLY ..when people found these items listed on my web site at this good price..I got alot of demand ..so I
had to limit quantity and I plan to keep about 6 or 8 for my own use.
The OMRON relays ..right hand side of pic..were bought
by me from DIGIKEY last year. I over bought. I plan to use
some on a full break in circuit that I found on the web.
I have extras if you want to try that circuit. My mark up on
price is about 30 percent but I can ship these small parts
for a low cost..which makes in worth while monitarily for
my customers. I have a DIGIKEY account here and can
order in parts for people (hams) when I do an order for
Transistor Matching.. I do it as a free service to hams who buy a
set of finals (qrp finals) from me. I have many types of qrp finals
including MRF types like MRF237s AND MRF476s.
email link here: earlinclayton@yahoo.com
Are you getting out of homebrewing or repair and have a
bunch of parts you'd like a good home for? You can give
me an email and I can do most of the work over the web
with estimates by digital pics AND I do travel down to
Ottawa from Elliot Lake ..ie for the Smiths Falls flea
market in May and Carp/west Ottawa ham radio flea
market in early September. I always have a table booked
for these two flea markets and we can meet there. I also
go to the Sudbury ham radio flea market.
I take PAY PAL..at my other email
address (we can arrange payment if you
wish to buy something).
This is a "HOBBY BUSINESS". I took early retirement from a job where I sat in front of a computer all day in the Federal Government (orbiting other planets).

I took early retirement option. --- I checked with a retired TAX AUDITOR..who was also a Federal Employee. He told me I did not have to collect GST because my
sales were so very far below the threashold of $30,000 annually. -- I have had quite a few courses on how to start a small business. Right now..I dont classify
this as a small business because I spend more than I make!! FOR EXAMPLE: I travel 8 hours each way down to Ottawa flea markets twice a year and I spend
money on gas ect and I only make grossprofit  (before expenses) of maybe $30 to $40 on my small parts sales!!!! I just do these things as a hobby!!!!!

I do keep records of my sales and my buying activities. As one fellow told me (even if you just keep your records in a shoe box!!) That is literally what I do!

I was a LANDLORD for 5 years as I rented out a house I owned and I had to keep records for sure then! -- I was never audited in that time period.
link back to www.hamelectronics magazine
== A FREE ON LINE MAGAZINE..dedicated to the
more parts
pictured below.
MOUSER sells these BFR520 transistors for 38 cents each cut

I sell for 70 cents each..but can send them letter mail for cost of
about $1.44 in CANADA and a bit more else where.
2SC799 with the nylon mounting hardware and heatsink. I just had
a look on EBAY and the $9.60 each plus ship. RF parts in
Calif..sells them for $5.19 each. My price $4.50 plus postage..and I
can match you up a pair for $1 extra..ie for a matched pair of finals
for your transmitter.

Service! Also I test my components. EXAMPLE: I recently ordered
in quantity 30 9.00 mhz crystals for crystal filters and other project
uses and repairs. I found one bad non oscillating crystal in the
batch that was sent to me. So..if you order some crystals from
me..I will be testing them first before they go out the door.

I have hundreds (and I MEAN HUNDREDS- of different transistor
types.) -- NOT ALL ARE CATALOGUED and listed. SEE MY BIG
click on smaller pics to blow them
up..these are thumbnail pictures.
older Vintage Parts for special restorations, projects. I do have
some packaged like the GE-9 transistor below and I have quite a
few unpackaged and loose that I can test and sell most reasonable.
SPECIFIC RADIO PARTS (PULLS) I buy old neglected radios such
as this HR-10B with the rusty bottom section. I pull parts such as
knobs (knobs often go missing!) rubber feet (ditto) and tubes and
other electronic components.
I have 5 FT301s. 2 are good working units and 3 I have for parts donors. I have sold quite
a few crystals (crystals are a big seller|); knobs (another big seller) body parts and coil
slugs and plug in circuit cards. The FT301 is my specialty radio. I also have ATLAS 210X
junkers for parts, HW7, HW16, Ten Tec Argonaut parts for 505, 509 and 515. IC22 2 meter
crystal controlled radios and a bunch of CBs that I picked up at various yard sales.
Its no secret that I buy my parts from W8DIZ..Diz
as he is affectionately known as. He operates
Kits and Parts dot com.

I cannot compete with his prices and
selection..but I do have at least one popular
toroid he doesnt stock and sell.. FT37-77 ps.. I
also have a few others he doesnt sell by now..
(noted: January 4th 2016)

--> Also.. I dont charge as much for postage and
handlng..SO.. if you need a small order of a few  
toroids or some enamelled wire ect I can ship
for a low $2.00 across Canada letter post.
TO USA $4.25 US DOLLARS and internationally $6
US dollars in a padded envelope.

MY DEDICATED PAGE for QRP type parts and
toroids is shown below

This corner of the shop is
where I store transistors.


is a HUGE HUGE HUGE job!

All these little bits and
pieces are quite the thing
to work on! - I enjoy it.

I used to be a Material
Identifier as a civilian in
Dept of National Defence
and I used to enjoy that
work until the department
went in another direction. I
took early retirement and I
continue to work in my
technical methodologies.
I was also a Lead Lcmm for
electronic components but
most of the work was
privatized and I left--
retired early.
test test ammendment 15-april -2014..earl
CQ CANADA! - dont want to use PAY
PAL? Dont want to pay for expensive
Money Orders? - For many orders just
mail me Canadian Postage stamps
instead of money. I also trade Parts too!
CQ CANADA! - dont want to use PAY
PAL? Dont want to pay for expensive
Money Orders? - For many orders just
mail me Canadian Postage stamps
instead of money. I also trade Parts too!
73 Earl VE3AB - Elliot Lake, ON.
Canada -- C U at the Next Flea Market
in Ottawa area (early in September)
or I will be able to bring parts at the
Manitoulin Island Ham Radio Picnic
(20 July) or the Elliot Lake Amateur
Radio Club Picnic (August) as well.