June 4-2013.. More parts pictures
NOTE: the date code 7306.. Motorola. These are new old stock and I keep them in drawer NEW N.O.S.
qty 3 GM Delco 2N553 transistors in very good condition ..2 have
attractive blue GM label. Leads are uncut and unsoldered.
Above 2N1167 in good unused condition

Below 2N3731 a group of 5 old rca stock transistors..note 3 are used..all can be tested/matched as necessary.
I have a good number of these older ceramic body 1N34s. Vintage to be sure I would
think. They are used pulls with service lead loop and I would test of course. I test all
my stuff wherever possible.
I still have some other older surplus used (and some unused) GM Delco
(equiv to ECG 121).. A fellow emailed me for some and I made up an
order for him ..but he might have backed out ... anyways.. they are still
available as of June 11-2013.. first come ..first serve sort of deal.
these attractive transistors have no part nr..so they are mystery transistors..
anyone know what they are??? email me: earlinclayton@yahoo.com