My OPTO-ELECTRONICS section..BEING DEVELOPED as time goes on.

I want to buy old display parts..even used ones on test and sell.
February 18 th 2012..still plenty of snow on the ground
but it has been a mild winter. The Northeastern USA
and perhaps parts of the Mid west USA and here in
Northeastern Ontario..(I live in Elliot Lake, ON)..has
been mild. Come spring and the ice usually melts here
in mid to late April..I will be outdoors fishing and
working on the cottage lot.

For now though..I am mostly working on the bench and
using my radio from time to time.

Here are some pictures of the Seven Segment LEDs I
work with. Mostly vintage stuff for gear from the 70s
and 80s.

The ones in my hand are TIL 308s. There is still a
demand for these old Texas Instrument 7 segment
displays with logic (Integrated). In fact, so much so,
that there is a web site called! And an
aftermarket version of this chip is available for a tidy
sum of $225!

Too rich for my type of hobby operation here. I have
been selling my tested TIL 308s for $8 to $10 each. I am
almost sold out! I could not honestly advertise the
ones I have/had as NEW OLD SURPLUS because some
were used pulls and some were bought second hand I
did not know the history. They are TTL chips and aren't
all that sensitive to Static Damage. I test the ones I
have or am pulling off boards for other people. The
simple test jig is in my hand. I do a LAMP TEST..which
caused an 8 to be displayed. Grounding the LAMP TEST
pin will invoke this digit. As with most ttl circuitry..the
inputs if left floating not connected..they float high.
I do this de-soldering and testing at a low $10 per hour rate. I am doing this for
my own collection of I have some surplus TIL 308s, TIL 306s and other
parts similar in layout and logic. So I have the test jigs all set to go..or I make one
up in an hour or so. Here in the picture is a board I received in the mail. It is a
bank of TIL 308s. To desolder and test these chips requires a labour of about 5

I work by mail and the boards can be mailed from USA for about $6 each way.

I BUY BOARDS like these ones to pull parts off of. email me at this LINK HERE >>
Certain circuit boards are JUNK and worthless but there are boards such as this
one that can provide some good rare ICs/readouts that can be salvaged tested
and re used. Mostly..I work with ham radio and hobby parts and hobby circuits..not
industry (usually) or government but I am open to offers of little jobs to do.
TIL 306
TIL 308
TIL 304 (I have 4 of these)
TIL 311 ( i have 3 of these)
MAN66A (i have about 8 of these)
5082-7340  ($7.00 each..tested in a test jig..see pics ----> I have 9 of these (Hewlett Packard) see also picture on this page w/info
5082-7539 see  pic opposite ----> I have 5 of these  (Hewlett Packard)  see also picture on this page w/info in caption
5082 7650 see pic opposite ------> I have 9 of these (Hewlett Packard) Red case Red LEDs 7 seg

75491 - 7 segment
75491 - 7 seg driver
MC14543   -- bcd 7 seg latch decoder for liquid xtal displ. bin 12-11-B and motorola bin
MC14543 BCD 7 seg latch decoder for liq xtal displ. (bin nr 12-11b
DIALCO 745-0006 (these look just like TIL308)
OP300 - and OP123 -  tiny opto devices in plastic bags (surplus)..
click here to look at the pics
TOA-BIOAZG 5y3h-n qty 4 these are bar graph displays...--- > picture opposite ----------->
LNM223KS01 qty 4 these are shown under the picture of the bar graph displays. two digits on one part

much more to come as I do inventory and take pictures and computerize my stocks.

PARTS LIST BY PART NUMBER ..AND A BIT OF A DESCRIPTION.. this list/page is currently under construction 18 Feb 2012

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tinkerer web site. NO banners..just
pure non commercial radio and electronics.
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Hewlett Packard HP 5082 series display ICs..the red one on the right is the 7340 and the left hand
side is the 7539.

I will try and price these soon. I have to consider their availability and their demand and the price to
restock them should I decide to do so. I will certainly try and beat any price advertised on the web.
These are new old stock. Or at least they appear to be. I bought them from someone in usa who
was downsizing his collection of parts.  I will be trying to develop a test jig to test them out and verify
their operation.--- PRICES will reflect the fact that I did not buy these "new". I always try and establish
a fair price and I always try and figure out a test jig to test my items.
I will only sell you new old stock unless
you are OK with "pulls" ..and I will ..of
course..let you know what you are
getting in advance. I adjust my price
according to many factors. See the
example below of a small order I just
did for a fellow in USA.
A practical example of a small order I do..(a typical order) by mail and
using the internet (emails first then PAY PAL).
Here is a small order I made up for someone stateside just yesterday. The main part he wanted
was the Delco/GM DS-515 (the only one I had left). I also sold him a Delco 2N301.

I think this fellow must be an audio person who is fixing an old radio or stereo or amplifier. I
mainly do
radio electronics but I do have about 150 old metal can transistors like this and I will
sell to audio people small orders like this one. The DS-515 is a good used tested pull and the
2n301 looks to be new old surplus and I tested both transistors (junction test). They are
germanium transistors from 1960s and 70s.

I sold both for $10 plus 65 cents to cover my PAY PAL fee plus $6 for postage. Ebay prices for
NTE121 is around $24.00 and the DS-515 is now almost impossible to buy (original part). So it
would likely sell for around $40 to $50 as new old surplus on the open market. Some people like
the old original parts and not aftermarket ones.

This example should give you an idea of my prices (they are most reasonable).
73 (best regards..Earl Andrews radio callsign VE3AB
I don't charge for advice either. And I don't pressure sell at all! Make up a list of the parts you need and I can tell you
if I have the parts and how much they will cost with postage. I always use the post office because it works best for
small international orders. Surprisingly.. I dont sell very often within CANADA. Mostly overseas and USA.
MY EMAIL LINK is here for quotes and (I am in Elliot Lake, Ontario CANADA).
link back to my parts page (parts start page)
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I BUY PARTS LIKE THESE ONES (older transistors ICs ect)
Sold for $5.00 each plus postage
Below: April 2-2013.. I had an inquiry about the HP opto displays I have -- Part nr
I had a look at the data sheet (link here) and it is a rather simple part to test as it
is a BCD 8421 type code (older technology) so I set up a test jig to test the 14 I have in stock..

a couple of pictures below of my test jig using an older Heathkit Logic circuit tester and some
bread board wiring (Ardinio type wire/connectors).
Above: I wired up a little test jig to test these 5082-7340 digital display parts. I try and test my new old surplus
parts ...whenever possible. However..some ICs and display parts are simply too complicated to test.

With parts that are too complicated to large 40 pin microprocessors and some memory chips and
other devices..I sell in small quantity and I sell on the HONOR SYSTEM. ---> Try it in your circuit ..if it works
f NOT..I will issue you a full refund. THUS FAR..i HAVE ONLY HAD TO ISSUE ONE REFUND!!

Here I am testing TIL306s
and TIL 308s. The green
dots are good ones that
test good. These displays
burn out due to "heat".
Heat is the big enemy. I
bought one radio with
these parts in it and the
fellow (previous owner)
had used copper tape over
parts of the IC to heatsink
away the heat and thus
help keep the displays
working longer.

I myself, have gone out
and purchased one of the
AADE (Almost All Digital
Electronics Displays) and
here pictured on my FT301.

I still have some left over
TIL 306s and 308s. Not all
that many but a few. I have
sold a good number now.  

My price for good used
tested "pulls" is $8. These
are now hard to get parts
(Texas Instrument) from
the mid 70s to early 80s.
Just check them out on
Here I recover some
Monsto brand of display
ICs (7 segment). They were
soldered on the board
which made recovery a bit
more difficult.
kit FOR THE FT301 (in case you are interested).
Below pictured a liquid crystal display. These sell for
something like $5.00 each and are plentiful.

This modern part with associated circuit board and logic ICs
ect cost me $49.00 as a kit. The kit was easy to build and
worked right off the bat. The physical adaption to the radio
takes a bit of time and effort.

It replaces a bank of 3 TIL306s and 3 TIL308s. and it is worth it
if you plan to  keep and use this radio.
Above: I am building a test jig/prototype board for testing 7
segment displays. The TIL308s were easy to test as they had a
"lamp test"function to test all the 7 little LED segments all at once.
I am sold out of these old TI display parts. NOTE: there are 2
Yahoo Groups for is Yaesu FT301 and other is
just plain FT301..there is a fellow who built a replacement
display that you might look into. He had some circuit boards
made up. Try those groups for spare parts. 73 earl ve3ab
PS..the AADE display worked well for me ..but..take a bit of
metal work..or maybe you can build an enclosure (external
Basically..I will meet or beat any price on ebay. Ebay prices are sometimes way
too much. EMAIL ME: and I will quote you a very
reasonable price from my one man (low to no overhead) SHOP!!!

EMAIL LINK HERE: Postage for small parts $1.50
anywhere in Canada and $3 for USA and usually $5.20 overseas
Above..sometimes..I try and recover digital display desoldering them from circuit boards. is
not cost effective..but other times..with rare can be lucrative.
The TIL308s and 306s are still in demand by those using FT301 with digital displays.
The ebay prices for some rare parts surpasses several hundred dollars in some cases. For several hundred dollars can buy a good used transceiver and junk the old one! I was selling TIL 308s and 306s (good used tested ones)
for $8 to $12 and I have now sold out!!!