Elna 4.7 uf 50 v ESR .15Kilohm or 150
ohms !!!

This was one of the worst ones I
measured. The whole lot seems pretty
/These dark blue 56uf at 35 volt were
all around 1 ohm or a wee bit more
ESR measured. Much better than the
ELNA capacitors but still not very good.

I expect new electrolytics shoudl be
around .15 ohm or maybe .25 or even
.3 ohm -- should be considerably less
than ONE OHM.

ONE OHM IS around the threashold
where you should replace a capcitor.
Another ELNA 2.2 uf at 50 volts

I measured some of these and they
all were around 8 ohms ESR.

24 NOVEMBER 2014 -- TESTING SOME CAPACITORS THAT iI received to day from EBAY. The ELNA ones are really bad. High ESR.

I asked for a REFUND and I got it fairly promptly with no questions asked.. -- SO..I would assume then that they have been dealing with this issue for
awhile. ---->> These ones are particularly bad. Many Rubicon and others from China often measure close to or a bit about 1 ohm ESR, but these ones
are in some cases 8 ohms or even .150k or 150 ohms. REally quite bad.

The ones (in this case) advertised as Panasonic FC were usually around 1 ohm or so ESR.. (which is not good either).