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(23 June 2014)
(older vintage and hard to get electronics will be displayed
here (primarily)..
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These are older transistors and I
do still see them listed with NSNs
on the FLIS public lookup.

These two are in good
shape..good used tested PULLED

The other one I have looks to be
perhaps the same but has a
chipped paint job

Another one is STC1024

All tested pulls. IN THE ELD MORE
nice coil

in 1.7 mh bin
2N1394 (G120) tested good

pictured left - old metal can
Ceramic Terminals - good for homebrew projects and point to point wiring and perhaps
modifications..ham radio rigs ect.. in original bag LITTON.
This is the old Ohmite part number series. I can do furthur research to find out the exact wattage..but I think it is 12 watts. These
are called the Lug with Lead series. Wire wound..ceramic body through hole. I dont have the mounting pieces (brackets) BUT I
do have some brackets for these types of resistors in one of my bins. I also have quite a few other types of these resistors and
I sell them reasonable prices. I need to get them all catalogued eventually. I can probably beat any web prices on items like this
and economy shipping by post. Just write me an email for quote or to
1N5618 - I have 4 of these diodes with the Nato Labelling (NSN 5961-21-855-5947). in bin G4 diodes.
Purchased out west at a Crown Asset Sale and samples were given to me in 2013.
Prices will be below average market value.
BELOW PICTURES and DATA for some "MODERN" SURFACE and MACRO-X  mount type transistors..
Pictured below BFR520, MRF901,MAR6, MRF837, MRF571,MRF559 and some others as well.
I was going to make up a kit for these
MACRO-X type RF transistors. I would
charge about $48.00 - WHICH is a good
price for all these types in the
quantities shown on the list.
I was going
to put the kit on EBAY..but I havent
done so yet. IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO
do so at a very reasonable price .
MRF 571 I have 4 in stock. I can always buy more if demand warrants. I sell them for $5
each. They are LOW NOISE (1.6db at 1 ghz)
-- IF you only want a couple of transistors..I
can send them to you as samples at a low price and LOW POSTAGE rate as well. In
Canada (about 85 cents to send them letter mail) and to USA $4 because they have to
For $4 I can actually
ship quite a few little parts in the padded envelope. MY BIG SUPERLIST OF parts.
click here to view the big SUPERLIST can be used to select parts you are interested in.
I buy in BULK (usually) and my prices on small orders are typically LOWER than the
prices on ebay...OFTEN BY QUITE A BIT.
MRF837 -- I got as samples in the mail. I think
these are primarily for cell phones in the 800 mhz
range. I will sell a few at low price.
MRF901 npn TRANSISTORS. I sell for $2.50 each. NOTE that the full part number is printed on the part MRF 901.
Sometimes ..the part number is abreviated as with the MRF571s pictured above. Sometimes M is used and the MRF does not appear on the
part itself-- yet the part number would be MRF571. -- I used to encounter these part numbering and labelling conventions when I worked for
NATIONAL DEFENCE here in CANADA. I was in the Nato Codification and Cataloguing Division and then I moved into Material Management. I
used to have a good set of notebooks and DATA Books and personal notes concerning these conventions and company labelling of parts
but many good data books were discarded. I still have quite a bit of information in my own personal memory (grey matter).
Above some of the MAR 06 small transistors I have.
I think the MAR 06 (used in a good number of ham radio
projects) is a pair of transistors and is a 50 ohm in and 50
ohm out type of mini module. Anyways..I have them here at
$2 each and I can send small quantities out in the mail at
most reasonable postage rates to those who want some.

Here again we see the convention of only a partial part
number appearing on the plastic case. In this instance;
because the plastic case is so small ..the part number has to
be abreviated.  
73 earl ve3ab (link back to my home page)
OCT 22 2014.. ---->> More items have just arrived (a box full) and I am starting to catalogue them
and Ive started another series of pages with PICTURES ---
page in this series of Pictures and Data for Solid State Discrete Components. (I sell in small
quantities to experimenters, builders, tinkerers and Ham Radio Ops (like me..VE3AB) 73 Earl