VINTAGE PARTS a format like EBAY for your shopping (and
just browsing) pleasure.
--29 April 2012 -- I'm just trying this as an
experiment to see how it works  ---------my email link
This is page 3 of this "ebay style" of electronic
(older vintage and hard to get electronics will be
displayed here (primarily)..
--if you want to see something me
and I will get to it fast!
SCM90072P which crosses to NTE2117 -- I got a pdf data sheet from NTE site and
this item is a 16k by 1 bit dynamic ram. EBAY has one UK seller.

IT is a MOS device and with C/MOS and MOS devices I have..I sell with a
guarantee that if they dont work for you..I will refund the purchase price..NOT
THE SHIPPING/POSTAGE. note: so far I have only had to do ONE REFUND as
almost all the parts work. MOS/CMOS is a bit different category.

I sell on the honour system..because these are surplus parts I buy and I have no
way of knowing the history of the devices and how they were stored ect ect.
MY PRICE for these less than half of the ebay prices I just saw.. MY PRICE $5
each w/guarantee. Postage in Canada $1.51..USA $2.80..overseas abt $5.50
COM8136 ..I have 3 and they were packed in this static tube when I
received them.

I see them on ebay from one seller at $12.34 each.

I will sell these 3 for $6 each plus economy postage as per my previous
listing on this page. A guarantee could be negotiated as well.
SHQ566H..with a smaller part number on the chip as well and MOTOROLA by the looks of it.

Perhaps a specialized or unique part. If interested or you have data..please email.
navigation link (in case you need it) back to or my
mirror site:  ham radio, a bit of fishing, some parts sales and
some basic repairs I do at my low mail order price of $10 per hour bench rate.

NOTE: I like doing circuit board repairs as they a can be mailed and I can plug them in to
my radios like the FT301, Ten Tec Argonauts 505, 509, 515 or Atlas 210x.

I do some vintage repairs to solid state ham radio gear and accessories. the odd time.
MOSTLY..I work on my own stuff and I buy parts radios and parts for older rigs as well.
Motorola Module perhaps.. a 1 mhz clock
module of a larger size than todays clock
Three DIPs (chips)

I found a data sheet for the first one a TBA 820L ..(on I go for most of
my data sheets (free site). NTE has the 8 pin version but not the 14 pin one. A seller in France on
ebay has the 14 pin dip. NOt all that expensive. Make me an offer. not sure I may want to keep it
around in case I need one myself! I do the odd repair here and there to older radio gear.

This one is a 2 watt audio amplifier chip..The L suffix is for ceramic dip.

274 5603 1 417... I dont know what this is

F 443-5 I dont know what this one is either. F is Fairchild and 7412 is the date and lot code.
SY6502A 40 pin dip..Synertech..Microprocessor/CPU

I am open to offers and I am very flexible on items like these.

Really..for my own repairs..I dont repair items with microprocessors
or memory chips.

I repair older radios of a more simple design. If these would be
useful to you..I could trade for radio type parts or sell to you with a
money back guarantee if you find them defective. I have no way of
testing these complex chips. OPEN TO OFFERS on many of these
types of items me and we can work out a mutually beneficial
deal that is good for both of us!!! thanks..Earl Andrews (dot com)
MSM2114 and other 2114 type memory chips.
I see them on ebay for about $7 each.
I will sell these for $3.50 each and a guarantee
could also be arranged.

Try them in your circuit/computer board. If they
work fine..if not..I can refund you the cost of the
I have no way of testing these surplus parts. so
this is my arrangement for computer and
microprocessor types of chips.
I AM OVER STOCKED with these red and white (standard) older LEDs and
PRICE-- i Will never use or sell all these parts!
Z80 PIO CHIPS 2 of them. $3 each


EMAIL ME..AND I will go HUNTING for it!! AND..
pictures and list it for sale.

I have a bunch of this stuff to display for sale.
MC6846BQCS -- 1978 vintage qty 2                

AMI 8103AEU  S6821P  qty 2                

AY-3-1015  date code 7627     qty 1 ceramic white

D8279C-5  NEC qty 1        

D8257C NEC qty 2

a block of chips from the 70s and 80s..might be useful to
someone..I will sell certainly less than the ebay sellers.
Here is a block of large chips and I will list the part numbers. Zilog Z80 PIO ..I already listed a couple
..well here there are a couple more.. $3 each.  Zilog  Z8400BPS real nice condition....Mostek
MK8301N-8 I have qty 2; TMS6011NC texas instrument 1979; AM2901BPC; D8088 intel.

All these chips are chips I have acquired on the surplus flea market circuit..(ham radio flea markets)
and I will sell on the honor system to tinkerers who tinker with older computers.

Prices will be lower than the commercial vendors and ebay vendors and perhaps even a guarantee
can be set up on the honor system.

There is no way of knowing much about these chips as I have no gear/equipment that uses them to try
them out. I (therefore) must make special arrangements when I try to sell them. I am most flexible.
actually a TRADE for all these larger computer and microprocessor chips would be quite
good for me..Im into older radio parts/broken radios for parts..lets talk about a deal!!
USED MOTOROLA TRANSISTORS. I can clean them up and test then sell at a very
reasonable price. These I bought at a flea market for ham radio parts.

Ebay lists the   2N3614 AT $15.93 PLUS almost $5 shipping.
I will sell this used tested pull at $4 each and Im pretty sure I can bend the leads
a bit on this TO-3 package to get it to ship as an envelope vs a package..which
will result in postage of about $1.51 Canada, $2.80 USA and about double that
overseas. -- I have done this with TO-3 transistors when people want cheap
shipping..(and it works!!) --
I am a one man shop and I do creative things!!!

2N1540 ..I see one on ebay like these with the big M (Motorola) for $18 each
which includes SHIPPING! I CAN sell these ones (tested of course) for $4.00
each plus postage.
Here are some more oldies...some are used pulls and some are new old surplus.
I will be testing and cleaning all of them before I ship any out.

AC DELCO 2N301, SG323K (Silicon General voltage regulator I believe)..I can
test voltage regulator ICs here in my SHOP;; Bendix 2N678A, 1826-0117 ..this is a
Honeywell type part number and I have 3 of these in stock actually, FUA 7812KC
dated 1976; Tung Sol 2N379 (robin egg blue); Toshiba 2SC494

All these will be sold significantly less than the ebay stores sell them for.
be afraid to dicker as well..I will try to match any price with a significant discount.
Here are a group of 4 transistors..TO 3 case and some are used but I will test.
NOTE: I can test any transistor here in my shop. HFE test and simple junction
test. Voltage regulators I can test as well.

IR (International Rectifier) 1N2810B, this must be a diode judging by the part
number; a bit unique because it is in this TO 3 case.
PA7812KC (1977); F 1826-0117 ( and lot code) ..a Honeywell part as per
the previous listing; RCA2N1905
I got a bunch of these wafer switches and parts and CentraLab
spec/instruction sheets.

If anyone needs stuff like this ie to repair/replace a switch..just email
me and I will see what I can do

Im mostly gathering (BUYING AT FLEA MARKETS)  older semiconductors
TRANSISTORS, ICs..but other stuff like fuse holders, lamp holders and
lens and barrier strips and terminals and connnectors (actually..I have a
fair amount of connectors now)..SO EMAIL ME ..even take a picture or
two of what you need or WHAT YOU WANT TO SELL... I am working
towards a home based (and economical) mail order service for
tinkerers and hams and experimenters.
OLDER VINTAGE TRANSISTORS nr 1 on my list and then ICs nr 2 on my
list of wants. Some of the newer ICs and transistors are knock offs and
actually phoney frauds!! I prefer the older stuff..even used stuff over
bunch of small wee parts for
meter rebuilding as well!!! not
much call for that kind of stuff but
I have some!!
Some ceramics in here too! I try
and BUY CERAMIC switches and
ceramic tube sockets and stuff like
that as well.
Obscene Part numbered ICs!??! FCK101 part number with another small
number GE9DE. Perhaps someone was fooling around on the assembly
line when these chips were rolling  out..or maybe they are legit?? who
the IC FCK101 you mentioned is legit :-) It is a single DTL monostable
Multivibrator. --
thanks for filling me in. Since I have no other data..I will
accept this as true for now.

Anyways..I have 4 of them. -- The other chip on the black chunk of ESD
foam is AAEA2 and date/lot code 6834 and I only have the one.
Part nr ILQ-1 16 lead plastic DIP, date lot coded L 8435H.
I have the data sheet in pdf form.
These are Optocoupled phototransistor output QUAD channel.

I see them on Ebay for a little over $3 each plus about $4 to ship.

I sell these ICs for $2.50 each and I can send in a padded envelope for
$2.80 to USA and less to my fellow Canadians and a bit more overseas.

May 15th 2013-- I have added another page in this series.. EBAY STYLE
page 4..with more parts and pictures...c
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On your site - yes FCK101 is a real part. There are several FC series of DTL chips
made by Philips/Mullard, the FCK ones are flipflops. I may have the FCK101 data sheet
if you are interested. -- tnx Andrew tnx once again for your tips on my old parts!