International Rectifier Vintage Transistors TR06.
The leads are slightly pitted. Not sure what to
ask for these as there are none listed on ebay. I
would have to research this part.
Along with the TR06 I have an ETCO 2N410
transistor. It too is an older transistor and has a
bit of pitting on the leads.
VINTAGE PARTS a format like EBAY for your shopping (and
just browsing) pleasure.
-- 20 April 2012 -- I'm just trying this as an
experiment to see how it works  ---------my email link
my prices are real bargain basement. Im a retired
one man basement shop. I can often beat the ebay
vendors and aftermarket vendors at 1/3rd their
prices!!!! and I test and I match for $1 or so.
2N1038 transistors. In a little case packaged. These appear to be gold plated. Ebay prices for
items like these are between $14 and $26 and some are called "museum qualility). Described as
Germanium transistors PNP.

Id have to do a little more research on these items. Give me an email. I can take more detailed
pictures and assess their condition a little more closely. One thing is for sure: I will likely beat
any ebay vendor price by a good bit. I am a one man shop in my basement with low overhead
and Im semi retired and I do not advertise my items on ebay ..over and over some my costs are lower.
I give free quotes and I BUY STUFF AS WELL. I give a decent price for the items I buy as well.
2N1308 transistors..Qty 8 in this little batch..all vintage transistors ..2 of them have gold leads.

There are about a half dozen vendors with listings for these vintage transistors. The mean
average price is $8 to $9 roughly with a couple of listings over $20.

I will sell these individually: $6.50 each plus I can test them and match them for $1 each if you
need matched pairs. and to send them across Canada by padded envelope $1.50 and $2.80 USA
and $5.50 approximately overseas. NOTE:
This is pretty typical of my pricing on all my parts. I try
and go lower than the average mean price I see on ebay. and my postage charges are typically
less as well and no extra markup on postage.
1969 Texas Instrument
transistors.. I cannot find a listing
on ebay or NTE cross reference.
More research required on this
vinatage item.
One thing I do ..that the bigger distributors
dont really have time to do..IS..I MATCH UP
TRANSISTORS. I do this for $1 extra per
matched for a matched pair of
anything..$2 extra..and for smaller signal
transistors I usually only charge $1 extra per
matched pair.

I use this homemade test jig and a good
power supply and V.O.M. meter to measure
the transistor under a test condition and
match the voltages/transistors. I also have
an HFE test function on my V.O.M. for the
smaller transistor types.
I'm mainly into radio/communications gear (myself) radio callsign is VE3AB ..BUT
..sometimes Audio people contact me for special transistors or older vintage
transistors to repair and have spares for vintage amps and preamps ect. I certainly
welcome business from these people.
2N1303 transistors, one is Texas instrument. On ebay the prices jump around from $5 to $20
with over a dozen vendors and ads. and of course there are shipping charges. A person
can negotiate to ensure the lowest mailing costs..that is what I do on ebay.
I dont pay (by pay pal)..I first ask the vendor for the total including postage and if its too
high..I send an email and I have had suc3ess in getting good postage costs. I buy extra
stock and sell it in small quanitities here and there.
I am asking $5.00 for each of these.
I can send transistors like this in small quantity for $1.50 across Canada and about $2.80
USA and about $5.50 across the oceans.
I am (generally) small quanitity seller but I do
combine items for you for your maximum benefit from the shipping cost.
This 2N1303 is a
small signal Germanium PNP Audio transistor.
Transistors like these..I test and sell for $5.00 each. Typically..I go on ebay to price my older vintage
transistors. It is a generally good place to get ideas on the going prices and the case of these 2N1303 and
2N1302 I have decided to match the lowest price I see on ebay.

If you see my prices are too high..just email me and I will adjust according to an
advertised price out there in the world wide network....

RIGHT NOW..I am a really small little independent operator/hobbyist and not really a money making
business..but I could turn it into a small little one man business if I so choose. I only make a few sales each
METAL DIODES/SCRs ect I have them listed in a few pages here (click to view)
diacs and triacs and full wave bridge

I am listing them ebay style (like this page)

2N1302...$5 EACH. IF THEY DONT SELL in a year
or so ..I will be lowering the prices! If you see a
listing on ebay and it is lower than mine..I will
bring my price(s) down to
MATCH IT or better it!
THAT..JUST EMAIL ME AND I can post them on a web page real EZ!
Hewlett Packard TO3 Metal Case transistors -- at about 60 pct of the price I saw on
another web site (in B.C. Canada).
I only have 5. -- Qty 4 1850-0098 - gold bottoms and soldered leads but they
could have been pulled from sockets -- I will test them in in my BETA/HFE test jig
price for these 4 $7.00 each. I notice the supplier of these items was sold out of them
so I hope to make a sale or two. I can ship either in a small box..or ..if you are not
fussy..I can bend down the leads to fit in a padded envelope and can ship
economically at about $1.50 canada and $2.80 usa.
QTY 1 - 1850-0038 I have only the one-- it has a gold bottom..and I will sell for $3.00
(the supplier in B.C. sells them for $5 each.
SANKEN electric company.. QTY 30 - SI-3120M -- I have found no data sheet or cross
reference to these yet. I got hits from obsolete electronics parts suppliers and I
assume these are (perhaps) hard to get obsolete parts.

I can test them in my test jig (hfe) and junction test them. I dont know what the going
price is for them. -- NOTE: these look to be clean good condition pulls with a bit of
solder on the ends of the full size leads..but neat.

Contact me by email if you are interested in these parts and/or have info/tech data
sheet..cross to similar type ect.
Fairchild Semiconductor .."F" 2N2905 NEW OLD SURPLUS GOLD BASE

I now have about 40 available. Good shape and I can test HFE for you.

An Ebay Seller has these Gold Base Fairchilds listed for $4.95 each plus shipping
I will sell tested ones for only
$1.75 each with postage of only $1.50 across Canada (padded
envelope)..$2.80 USA and a bit more overseas.
I got a big shipment of
N.O.S. Parts this
month of May 2012.
I got a big shipment of
N.O.S. Parts this
month of May 2012.
AY-3-1270 QTY 2 GENERAL INSTRUMENT tone generator
I think these large chips are used as tone generator and music generator chips for
electronic organs. Good to have a spare part as I dont think General Instruments is in
business any more.

AY-3-1350 Qty 1   "                       "
AY-3-8910 QTY 3
Nice looking N.O.S. kept in static foam and bought by me surplus.
Ebay prices about $15 to $19 .. I will sell for 1/2 that!
All my parts are (usually 1/2 or even
1/3 the price of ebay listings). This is because I dont advertise on EBAY (lower overhead)
I got a big shipment of
N.O.S. Parts this
month of May 2012.
I got a big shipment of
N.O.S. Parts this
month of May 2012.
MUSIC CHIPS/ Sound Chips.. these are large Chips and I have found about half a
dozen so far in the big shipment of old surplus parts I just purchased.

Part Numbers follow: (Note: they all appear to be good condition in black static
foam, with good appearance and appear to be New Old Surplus (N.O.S.)
AY-3-8910 qty 3; AY-3-1270 qty 2;AY-3-1350 qty 1 and AY-5-1013A qty 1.
NOTE: these are all General Instrument parts in good condition (they look good)
some are on ebay in the range of $15 to about $25 ..As per my usual procedure..I
will be pricing them significantly below the going rates. contact me for details and I
will take pics and research etc.

YOU CANT LOSE!!!!! see my policy and info below typical chips.
Here are just some of the various memory chips I have around here: UPD2114LC qty 9 (blue dot); MSM2114LRS qty 6;
P2111; SY2114L-2 qty 4 ( date and lot code 8115);TMM3114APL-1 (2114L2) qty 8; upc2114LC-1
I just punched UPD2114 into ebay and got a number of hits and these 2114 chips sell for $5 to $7 typically..I will sell for
$2.75 each! - not tested but cheap. earl andrews. and I can ship in padded envelope for $2 or so.

NOTE: I see these being listed by OBSOLETE parts suppliers. possibly at a premium price. they are NMOS 4K static
RAM chips. MY price of $2.75 is probably a very good price. I might be able to guarantee their operation as well ..write
me for details
COM8017  I have a couple of these larger ICs. They sell for about $25 on ebay..I sell them at 1/2 that amount.
40 pin MOS DIP, Universal Asychronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART)

I have 2 of these new old surplus parts..and like my other small parts that I have been collecting over the years,
I can ship them out to you  in a padded envelope for $1.51 across Canada and about $2.80 to USA destinations and
about $5.50 overseas.

This item is quite easy to find a data sheet for on the web.
Picture to come here

I am cataloguing and
photographing new
chips in my inventory
May 20 2012..
PCB80C39 11 P   These are Phillips ICs and I have 9 of them in stock. More research is required on my part. I need to take
photographs and find a data sheet ect.

My prices will be significantly lower than many if not all the aftermarket and obsolete chip suppliers.

I can perhaps offer refund if the chip does not perform in a proven working circuit. email me details. earl
MAY 29TH 2012 -- I am taking more pictures of my electronics parts. Some obscure parts with part
numbers that are rather I'm hoping to make a few sales over the internet. NOTE: the newer
parts I have are not selling all that toroid cores and transistors ect for QRP..for example.

SO.....I am going to be emphasizing OLDER PARTS ..VINTAGE PARTS...FROM NOW ON! --

--->> I would like to BUY your old semiconductors to sort through and catalogue and sell on a small
time basis..from my basement home here in Elliot Lake. -- Do you prefer talking on the phone..look me
up..I wont publish my phone nr on the web but u can find Earl Andrews in the phone listings. or just
email me or

link here to my home page and the mirror site:
www.ham -- my on line publications all funded by ent.
transistors)..I will test
before I ship.

Generally ..they are
good..but I can plop
them into the V.O.M.
hfe test to be sure.
New Old Surplus Vintage RCA transistors. Gold base and leads. These have a
wee bit of oxidation on the base and I will be cleaning them.

Part Nrs. 2N1169 (on ebay I see some of these vintage at $15 to $25);
40406, 40080, 40408.

I will have to look these other ones up..but please note: my prices will be
about 1/3rd to 1/2 of what they sell for on ebay. and I can send them in a small
pack envelope for about  $1.51 Canada, $2.80 USA and $5.50 overseas.

You can order other things as I combine items to maximize your shipping
dollar. I am a retired civil servant from Fed Govt who used to work with
these types of components (NATO data bases and procurement and life time
buys of obsolete compoents). I have a Technician Diploma from college.
3N141 which crosses to ECG221 or NTE221 or 3N140. I see the 3N140s on ebay sell for around $9 to $12 ranges.

I will sell this one for $7.50 and I will ship in padded envelope with ESD wrap for economic shipping.

This one should be good as was stored with the leads all clamped pretty solidly together.

NOTE: I have other DG Mosfets for sale as well. NOT a great deal of quantity of stock..but if you need a few 40673s
or similar dg mosfets..I can likely help you out. These other DG mosfets I have are N.O.S. and prices are certainly
less than the ebay regulars. I dont regularly advertise in  ebay so I have lower overhead.
I have qty 5 RCA 40245 and qty 3 RCA 40246 vintage N.O.S. transistors.

They both cross to NTE 161 which is NPN, Si, Video IF AMP 800 mhz hfe 60

The NTE device sells for less than $3..Im not sure what to charge for these
vintage RCA devices..but I will certainly entertain offers.

Look up a price for the old vintage parts and I will likely be able to beat it
significantly. Nothing on ebay at this time.
Picture to be put here soon.
2N1637 New Old STock. This one was in a military style ESD bag with NSN 5961 00 903 9791 it is really new
old stock. I cannot find a listing on ebay to go to but I see there are OBSOLETE ELECTRONICS sellers who
carry this I imagine it is one of those old rare ones. I will certainly give you a lower price for this one
item I have. Earl (just email me (email link is top of this page).

I see these listed on ebay currently by one seller..$40 each. I sell cheaper
at $15 each..but these are untested as is..I bought them as surplus and I
have no real sure idea of their history.

Preferably..with these MOS devices LSI big chips..I would like to sell to
someone who could test in a microprocessor to see if they are good..and I
could make a special arrangement of a warranty and a good price (for both
of us) if they all work.

I have other large chips and some look like these Z80s (5 of them).
I will be listing them as time goes on.
------>> I am now taking requests...!! for pictures and listings of certain types of chips..just email me and I will
get to it!!! ---->> I have quite a few chips and transistors and some other parts which I will try and list as time
goes on!!

Do you want a certain type of part on these pages..just email me and I will do a  shortcut and display the types
of parts you might be interested in.
my email link is here: or try
This is an old germanium transistor  from the 1960s..I
think the date code is on this one. It is a NE which I
think stands for Northern Electric. Which is a Canadian
Company and I seem to remember the building out in
the west end of Ottawa, On.
I unsoldered the two leads and measured the
junctions and the transistor seems good and the
readings are like those of a germanium transistor PNP.
Might be of interest to history buffs who are
interested in the earlier days of semiconductors.
GOODIES that I am selling (on my own vs. paying all those ebay fees and
costs. ... I sell for significantly a result and I even can arrange
guarantees on older vintage items..try at no risk to you!!

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