I have been buying 3N211 dual gate mosfets from various sources now for several years. I just noticed that a very popular and seemingly
good supplier in China has started carrying these parts. I decided to order 10 to try them out in my FT301 transceiver. I can easily unplug a
circuit board and plug the part in to the socket on the board. -- I don't use scientific instruments. I just go by ear and I watch the S meter to
see what kind of signal strength my radio picks up from using the 3N211 in the front end circuit. I try and use 10 meters and I try and find a
beacon that has a steady signal. Unfortunately today.. Sept 16th in the afternoon.. a good 10 meter beacon in Mexico was comming in strong
but there was QSB (fading) on the signal. STill and all; I could verify that these 3N211s from China do indeed work and work as well as the
other ones in my collection of parts.
I do sell parts in small quantities and I try and test (spot test) my parts and I have a GENTLE MANS
AGREEMENT on my parts that if they don't work..I will issue a full refund. So far ..after sending out over 500 shipments worldwide since
2005 (when I retired)..I have only had to issue 1 refund so far!!!
Chinese 3N211s -- I think these parts are trustworthy..at least from this one source I tried! I tested them in my FT301
radio (using 10 meter reception)..and they seem to work fine.
I was going to title this article: "Dr. Strangemos" or "How I
learned to stop worrying and trust Chinese Electronics!
- but I decided not to!  -- Dec 17th 2013.. Earl VE3AB
To the right is my FT301 Analog radio. I have a digital one
as well that  I fitted with a new Display (AADE kit).

This radio has many plug in circuit boards. Very handy for
servicing and these old radios are the kinds of radios I like
working on. I did most of my learning of electronics in the
1970s and early 80s so I am comfortable and fairly know-
legable with the old solid state radios. To the far right is
the RF board which has 2 dual gate mosfets (sockets) and I
test my dual gate mosfets with this board/radio.
This article is under construction
and will be finished in the next few

-- This was a fast test. I will..in the
next little while... set up my FT301
with a crystal controlled oscillator
and bench test these DG mosfets.

I have done this already once
before. I have actually had a
commercial company send me
some dual gate mosfets as test
samples. They considerably
out-performed the 3N211..but
when I sent out requests to buy
some-- (I wanted to buy 50 and try
selling some)..my emails and RFQ's
were not answered! - I guess I am
small potatoes!

NOTE: this article is not finished yet! - 17 Sept 2013..I will be adding to it shortly.
73 earl ve3ab --
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I have about 30 or so 3N211 dual gate mosfets that I can sell to experimenters and people who tinker with
older rigs and electronics -- for $7 each. I test my parts as well. I make sure they are not FAKES ..or at least..I
make sure they work and seem to perform on par with the other dg mosfets in my collection..ie with 3N211s
used in the front end of the FT301..the s meter readings are at least 3 db better and you can hear the slight
improvement in intelligibility/strength.

I spoke with one fellow at a recent hamfest who said almost all the parts out of China are fakes!!! -- I can
remember as a boy in the very early 1960s when the little transistor radios came out..ALL THE CHEAPER $1
radios were all MADE IN JAPAN! - We used to joke alot about junk made in Japan-- no wonder it doesn't work
was usually the punch line!