Page 2-- Argonaut 509..low power..blame it on the capacitor
With the re-capping now well underway..I decided to
try something different for variety and I had a look at
the dial assembly. The old dial was sagging quite badly
at the zero end of the dial..indicating that the black
elastic stretchy cord was suffering from fatigue.

I started restringing the dial. The VFO was at the zero confirmed on another radio in the shack.
So I strung the dial and used cut pieces of electrical
tape to hold the works in place as I went along
stringing the new dial cord assembly.

Im not sure if this cursor is the original Ten Tec dial
cursor or not. I had to use it because I dont have any
proper Ten Tec dial cursors. I will try to order  a few
from Ten Tec in the near future for future jobs.
I am running short now of dial cord material from Ten Tec
and the stretchy cord as I am thinking of using
fishing line..perhaps this white fly line backing line at 20 lb
test might work well. As for the stretchy cord..I can likely
buy some at a fabric store.

The Q Dope mostly used to hold the turns on coil forms
such as toroid coils..but in this case..I dab a wee bit on the
dial cord to cursor order to make sure it doesnt
work loose.
Text here.
Now I had to..more to go here.